The role education plays in resolving our global issues is well recognised, but we believe an environment that fails to respect equality or measures ‘success’ on academic performance alone is not in touch with our future.

We believe that education is best delivered across a broad (and relevant) curriculum, carefully crafted to test boundaries and celebrate unique qualities, whilst always recognising the importance of academic performance.


There are few for whom a smaller pastoral school environment would not aid the promotion of self-confidence, engagement and amongst all, the levels of happiness that we as parents all seek for our children.

Changing demographics, evolving legal regulation and compliance, rising costs however are all contributing to smaller schools being put under increased pressure to survive.

Albion School Partnership exists as the nexus to a carefully selected and highly complementary family of schools, where we can offer strategic and financial support to leverage collective efficiencies of scale.

Integral in this mission is a model built on discourse and exchange, for teachers and pupils to share best practice, expertise, resources and new experiences, nurturing possibilities and relationships that might not otherwise exist.


Albion Schools Partnership (“ASP”) represents a growing family of smaller pastoral schools whose uniting principle is to foster collaboration to deliver world-class education and a global network of contacts.

Involvement is not just limited to wholly owned schools, but instead ASP forms the heart of an education ‘cooperative’, united in a common vision and participating on terms that suit the unique situation of its members.

It is only therefore by thinking differently and acting collaboratively can we hope to continue to provide a format of education that is accessible, affordable and free of prejudices relating to gender, race, colour or creed.